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the south. -- next several hours. the rain is to our north now but it's slowly migrating to the south. there will be rain tomorrow. we'll have the thanksgiving forecast coming up. >> thank you. new at 5:00 a deadly crash blocking all but one lane of eastbound 80 in hercules. the chp says two cars crashed near willow avenue just after 2:00. one woman died after she was ejected from her car. that investigation causing the massive traffic backup. add to that the commute, at 4:00 it stretched to the bay bridge. no word on when the road is going to fully reopen. a man who gunned down two people at a richmond bridge toll plaza will die for his crimes. nathan burris laughed as his sentence came down today. cbs 5 reporter ann notarangelo tells us he had some heartless last words for the victims' families. >> reporter: nathan burris
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wanted to turn his murder trial into a spectacle and he did. but it was the jurors who had the last word and it was the victims' families who had the last laugh. >> i can never forgive him. i hate him. and i'm glad they gave him the death penalty. >> reporter: moments after jurors decided he should die for murder, joy outside the courtroom. >> we're so happy. >> reporter: this from people who didn't always support the death penalty. were you against the death penalty before this? >> i was. but now anybody that takes a life like that, they need to die. >> reporter: but to understand their change of heart, you have to understand their journey. three years ago, nathan burris murdered his ex-girlfriend, deborah ross and her friend ersie everette at the richmond/san rafael bridge toll plaza. he has been acting as his own attorney and frequently mocked the victims' families in court. today was no exception. burris became agitated and
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turned to everette's family and yelled i blew your brother's brains out, there's nothing you can do about it. ha ha. >> i'm not giving him the satisfaction. we had enough satisfaction by laughing at him. that bothered him more because he can't stand to be laughed at. he's a real small person. >> reporter: that's what jurors decided, as well. >> we were weighing the lives of two priceless people deborah ross and ersie everette versus the life of a guy who had proven to us through his testimony and actions in the courtroom to be worthless. >> reporter: the prosecutor says he has never seen someone so hateful. >> someday, at some point the smile will be wiped off that man's face and he is going to know why he is heading down that hallway to that little green room. >> reporter: whether or not the death penalty is ever carried out is another question. but the one appeal burris ironically gave up is to claim he had a fool for an attorney. the focus is on the killer's day in court and his rantings. today the focus switched to remembering his victims. the families only want to see burris one more time.
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>> hopefully that day comes and i'll be able to see him put to death. >> reporter: burris will be back in court next month for the judge's formal sentence. in martinez, ann notarangelo, cbs 5. in other bay area headlines, the pilot of a small plane walked away from this crash near the san rafael airport. the single-engine cessna went down in a marsh about 11:00 this morning. the plane went down near power lines and crews were watching for any fuel leaking into the marsh. san francisco police are looking for thieves who took 27 computers from a bayview elementary school. staff at george washington carver elementary school noticed the desktop computers missing this morning. they were not insured. the school is looking for donations to replace them. oakland mayor jean quan is bringing seaport officials and union leaders together to end the strike. it's hoped the meeting will get contract talks started and reopen the port of oakland in the next couple of hours. striking workers have disrupted port operations keeping trucks
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and other employees from entering the facility. a water main break left a three-foot-deep sinkhole in the middle of a pittsburg road this morning. six inch pipe on west 11th street between york and cutter broke about midnight. we're told no homes were damaged but several people did lose water service while the pipe was fixed. pittsburg wasn't the only problem spot for water. water lines have been breaking all over the bay area today. in fact, nearly half a dozen broke in san jose and two in redwood city. one of the redwood city pipes flooded a couple of homes near brewster and warren overnight. three hours later another line burst near allerton and standish. no property damage there. but of the five pipes that burst around san jose, the biggest was a 12" pipe at story road and lyndale. about two dozen customers lost water service during the fix but there was no flood damage. israel is intensifying its attacks on the gaza strip despite talk of a truce.
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right now gaza is seeing the biggest explosions since the fighting started last week. cbs reporter danielle nottingham with the latest developments. reporter: a shaken woman walked away from her building outside tel aviv after hamas rocket attack. in southern israel, a rocket fired from gaza killed an 18- year-old soldier. it's the fourth death in israel and the first military casualty after nearly a week of violence. at least 130 people have been killed in gaza, half of them civilians. the international community is stepping up efforts to stop the fighting. secretary of state hillary clinton headed to the region for meetings beginning with prime minister benjamin netanyahu. >> america's commitment to israel's security is rock solid and unwavering. that is why we believe it is essential to deescalate this situation in gaza. >> if there's a possibility of
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achieving a long-term solution to this problem through diplomatic means, we prefer that. >> reporter: on his flight back from asia, president obama called egyptian president mohamed morsi for the third time in 24 hours. morsi is leading the cease-fire efforts. secretary clinton sits down with him wednesday. tuesday jerusalem residents took cover when air ride sirens sounded. a hamas rocket missed the city. in gaza residents are picking through what's left of the islamic national bank. israel destroyed the building with a rocket strike. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. new details tonight about four men charged with plotting to kill americans by joining al qaeda. the alleged ringleader briefly served in the air force. the four from southern california were planning to board a plane to afghanistan on sunday. the fbi raided their homes two days before the flight. neighbors watched the takedown
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as it happened. >> two to four fbis i'm freaking out and they have a sledgehammer a pry bar i'm like they have armor on. >> a preliminary hearing has been set for some of the suspects in two weeks. should you have the right to bare all? the new rules on whether you can walk around naked in public. >> new meaning to sound sleep. how listening to certain tones may be the answer to sleepless nights. >> then engineering feat. the bay bridge's major milestone. what in bridge can do that no other can. ,, ,,,,
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successfully transfe n bridge deck to the new eastern span of the bay bridge just reached a major milestone. workers successfully transferred the 35,000 tonbridge deck to the new suspension cable system. it took three months but the weight of the bridge is now supported by a single one-mile- long cable. the $6.3 billion span is on track to open labor day next year. to bare or not to bare? that was the question before the san francisco board of supervisors as the board considered a ban on public nudity in the city. cbs 5 reporter joe vazquez in san francisco with the vote and what we'll see next.
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joe. reporter: not to bare, allen. you have to cover yourself in san francisco as it turns out. the supervisors just voted on it within the hour. it was a 6-5 vote. and it will effectively ban nudity citywide with some exceptions like the folsom street fair. it started with a group of men in the castro walking around buck naked. i talked to one today. rusty mills, nudist, says walking around without clothes is his right. he says it would change the fabric of san francisco to force people to wear fabric. >> it's part of an overall -- well, i call it prudeification. >> reporter: the castro despite its reputation for anything goes has attracted families in recent years and as such the board of supervisors has decided that having men walk around unclothed is unseemly. like right there, there's a buggy going by with a baby in it. >> well, children, it's known for a fact, children are not harmed by the sight of a human body. the real harm comes from
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bringing up children to be ashamed of the human body or feel disgust at it. >> reporter: a fully clothed supervisor scott weiner says freedom has limits and people should cover their privates. >> taking your pants off at castro market and displaying your genitals to everyone that's not free expression. >> reporter: it's fair to say there are people with strong feelings on both sides of the issue. take a look at what just happened a short while ago here at city hall. >> nudity is beautiful. the body is beautiful. [ screaming ] >> reporter: so what you're looking at here is a handledful of nudists to undressed after the vote in city hall. they started shouting in protest. the deputies had to cover them in blanket and remove them from the chambers. several of them screaming for the removal of supervisor weiner. the man who sponsored this legislation. bottom line here, allen, there will be a lawsuit.
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in fact, a federal lawsuit has already been filed. so in that case it could be february before we see if this ban takes effect. it depends on the judge's ruling. >> and the weather, how cold it gets. thanks. [ laughter ] >> reporter: and otherwise. shoppers beware. buyers remorse could get you red-flagged. how some retailers are track your returns. coming up in tonight's consumerwatch. >> good evening, meteorologist paul deanno. what a busy commute and a sloppy commute it is going to be. skies looking threatening over downtown san francisco. the bay bridge mainly cloudy, as well. we'll talk about when the rain is going to get here, when it's going to get out and your holiday shopping forecast coming up, as well. >> and remember, you can find the cbs 5 hi-def doppler radar online. to track storms in your neighborhood anytime of day, just log on to
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the voice of elmo has resigned from sesame street after a second sex allegation. kevin clash created the voice and persona for elmo, a 24-year- old man filing a lawsuit today accusing clash of sexually abusing him when he was 15. last week a man accused clash of having sex with him when he
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was also a teen. a day later he took back that charge. clash has denied the claims. trouble in toyland. dora the explorer guitar is one of the most unsafe toys to buy this holiday season. the u.s. public interest research group put the guitars in its annual report because it's too loud. it tested slightly above the limit hearing experts recommend compared to years past. lead and other toxins were less of a concern. instead, much of the focus is on small magnet toys and jewelry. >> these magnets will go through pretty much anything. they go through my finger, through bone, they'll go through muscle, through soft tissue. and that's part of what makes them so dangerous. >> ingestion of the high- powered magnets resulted in an estimated 1700 emergency room visits between 2009 and 2011. you can see the complete trouble in toyland list on our
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website, and just click on the story. word of warning as you check off your holiday shopping list. retailers are tracking what you take back and for those serial returners, they are on to you. cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains how stores know who you are. reporter: when you make a return this holiday season, you may have to hand over more than just your receipt. >> i was required to provide them a copy of my driver's license where they actually took the information and scanned it into their database. >> reporter: when leslie told the children's place she was uncomfortable giving them her identification just to make an exchange, the children's place told her it's corporate policy. >> we can't do any returns unless we have an id. >> reporter: the children's place is not alone. victoria's secret requires a photo i.d. with or without a receipt. according to the national retail federation, 62% of retailers have similar policies. so where does your information go? well, likely here, to the retail equation. a service that tracks how often
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you bring stuff back and identifies habitual returners. the retail equation says return fraud and renting, buying an item to wear and return, cost the industry billions each year. so they are tracking you and all of your returns at all of the stores in their database. do it too often and you may lose your right to bring back your purchases anywhere. >> they have no right, in my view, of swiping my driver's license. >> reporter: congresswoman jackie speier believes it's an invasion of privacy and retailers are gaming the system. california civil code currently allows retailers to swipe your id when investigating fraud, abuse or misrepresentation. but she believes a legitimate return doesn't fall into the categories. >> i will never let someone scan my driver's license. >> reporter: but that's not always an option. if the store prominently posts the id requirement in its return policy then it's warned you before purchase, abiding by state law and you will have to hand it over or skip the
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return. if you told you're not allowed to make the return, you've been flagged as a serial returner. go to for a link to your return activity report from the retail exchange. >> the policy should be posted in the store and on the receipt? >> one or the other. it has to be prominently displayed and there are a variety of ways to do that. victoria's secret has it on the receipt and register. >> happy shopping. >> and returning. well, paul, you have been tracking the storm all afternoon. it started to come down pretty good. where's the heavy stuff now? >> the heavy stuff now is north of the golden gate but working south. busy, busy many people trying to make their way home or to grandma's. here's hi-def doppler in time lapse mode about three hours of weather information there. notice the heavy rainfall in the north bay hills. now just about to cross the
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golden gate into san francisco, oakland, berkeley and richmond, vallejo, you're up next. it will be raining by 6 or 6:30. and we head farther north. santa rosa two inches of rain over the weekend. you will see another inch of rainfall bay in this time. i'll show you the disparity of rainfall totals by this time tomorrow. redwood city a tenth. santa rosa and san rafael, you will see 7 times as much rain there as we will in the south bay. san jose our computer is forecasting .06" rain. where's all this rain coming from? big strong low pressure area with major wind damage in western washington and western oregon. we are not going to see that. breezy outside. what we'll see is the tail end of that cold front moving through and passing us tonight through lunchtime tomorrow. so it's going to be soggy early tomorrow. but once the front moves out, we're done with the rain for at least five days all the by through the holiday weekend all
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about high pressure off to our west. a light onshore flow, temperatures will stay close to normal. but you will enjoy lots of sunshine. so get through about lunchtime tomorrow, things are looking excellent weather-wise if you are a fan of sunshine and mild weather. now let's time things out for you. futurecast stops at 11:00 tonight, still heaviest rainfall marin county, sonoma county, solano county and then looking at the rain moving out by mid-morning and then by 5:00 we may see some sunshine near the bay coming up tomorrow. so we'll start the day off wet. we will exit the rainfall by lunchtime and once that rain moves out likely won't be back for at least five days. we'll be sunny and mild on thursday through sunday. temperatures tomorrow pretty close to normal. san francisco 63. livermore 65. san jose your high 65 degrees. palo alto 65. san mateo 63. pleasant hill busy 680 will be tomorrow. high of 64 degrees. san rafael 63. santa rosa 65. you will clear out by sunrise tomorrow. and san francisco in the low 60s. then look at all this sunshine.
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thanksgiving black five ride on through the weekend -- black friday, right on through the weekend, we may hit 70 inland on the weekend. beautiful weather for six days once we get through with this horrible commute tonight. >> get to grandma's house then you're fine. >> start eating. >> good stuffing, turkey. let's get ready to rock. >> we have to get through it. let's go live to mobile5 ken bastida in the north bay. how are things looking where you are? >> reporter: yeah, hi, allen. we pulled mobile5 off of northbound 101 to give you a look at the traffic that's heading northbound right now. and you know how -- well, black friday turned into black thursday? well, i think getaway day has turned into the tuesday and wednesday before thanksgiving. it is bumper to bumper from the bay bridge through san rafael and we talked to aaa and they say it's going to be a busy one. gas is down a little bit so a lot of people will be driving. nationally about 44 million of us will head to our cars and
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most of us will be driving within 50 miles. here in california, almost 5 -- [ signal breakup ] a possible answer to sleepless nights. how sound may be the key in the search to cure insomnia. the new discovery next in tonight's healthwatch. a new discovery... in the qt to end sleepless nights. this has been the most violent day yet between hamas and israel. now secretary clinton is on the ground. the story is changing by the hour. we'll have the latest on the "cbs evening news." ,,
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what if you could treat your insomnia by listening to yor very own brain? dr. kim mulvihill explains how *soud the key to getting a new discovery in the quest to end sleepless knights.
5:24 pm
what if you could end insomnia by listening to your own brain? dr. kim mulvihill reports. >> reporter: this taxi driver has a stressful job. >> traffic and people doing everything imaginable they are not supposed to. >> reporter: that led to some sleepless nights and he is not alone. 50% of adults suffer from insomnia. but listen to this. it's the sound of human brainwaves put to musical tones. new research shows how listening to this might fight insomnia. >> when i first learned of this, we have to put it to the test and see if it works. >> reporter: on skype this neurologist says the brain is made up of two hemispheres that work together like parallel processors. but add chronic stress or other persistent trauma and the brain can become unbalanced and stuck leading to insomnia. the goal, get it unstuck. that's where these tones come into play. researchers recruited a small group of individuals with
5:25 pm
severe insomnia. they measured their brainwaves and turned major frequency into musical tones. when the insomniacs listened to their unique musical brain tones their brains went back into synch. most everyone saw their sleeplessness improve. >> it's a benefit like a reset button or jumper cables to try to accomplish getting them back to a balanced state. >> reporter: as for the taxi driver he has using his own special music. >> it's good at nighttime to help me get to sleep. >> reporter: scientists are looking into whether this technology may also help with migraines, hot flashes, even post-traumatic stress disorder. so very cool. >> it's going to replace those machines with the waves and the nature noise and -- >> i think there's a lot to be said for that too but this idea of getting the brain in sync that, you know, we ramp up
5:26 pm
parts -- one part because of stress and if we keep it ramped up all the time you're out of balance. you have to get back. >> like hitting reset. >> easy button. my life would be complete. >> that constant nice noise. >> we should pipe it in. >> okay. >> thank you. we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,
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oh, you have a keurig vue brewer? oh, it's great! now i can brew my coffee just the way i love it. how do you do that? well, inside the brewer, there's this train that's powerful enough to carry more coffee and fresh water to make coffee that's stronger and bigger... and even hotter! actually, i just press this button. brew the coffee you love -- stronger, bigger, or hotter -- with the keurig vue. secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
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expensive meals. trips to i'm dana king.
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here's what we're working on for the 6:00 news. expensive meals, trips to vegas, first class flights. the investigation into a bay area county supervisor how he spent taxpayer money and what he says about missing receipts. >> and they are not waiting for the economic recovery to accelerate all the way. how some bay area companies are laying the groundwork now to brace for success down the road. we'll have that and more at 6:00. >> that would be a nice holiday present right there, wouldn't it? see you in 30 minutes. "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. >> and remember, the latest news and weather are always on captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: tonight, secretary of state clinton lands in the war zone. and israel's prime minister raises the stakes >> i'm sure you understand that israel will have to take whatever action is neces t

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